Suitable for those who want to “preview” spaces and projects with great realism.

Production of photo-realistic and video virtual images of existing or fictitious environments.

This service is adapted to our projects, but also to external professionals, namely linked to the real estate industry: Architects, Real Estate Developers and Investors.

Service developed with the Customer in mind at a distance.
We design and the Client executes.

This service includes:

> Presentation of floor plans with the implantation of furniture.

> Presentation of a 3D project, with a three-dimensional representation of the spaces to be decorated, with visualization of patterns, colors and objects to be used in the decoration.

> Presentation of moodboard, with all the materials and products suggested for the decoration of the space, allowing the Client to execute the project at the pace of his budget.

> Support in ordering the materials suggested on the moodboard.

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